5 Good Motives Not to Use Personnel Management Software

Automation is a popular word nowadays. IT companies are striving to promote their solutions. Those products are sold in attractive packages with lots of great features, whistles and bells. Having analyzed all the factors for and against the usage of such software, I arrive at conclusion that there are several reasons for the businessman not to use stuff management software.

Reason 1: It requires some money. Almost all available employee management software is payware. The setting up fee is not the full price, you may have to pay for support, maintenance and updates. Most of people just do not pay attention to the coast of that type of programs. Do not pay for any software if you know that its advantages are not worthy of it.

Reason 2: The unskilled user can not properly use this software. Human resource software is fairly complex to master. To learn how to operate that program you have to hire the expert that can teach you, if you are not a geek, of course.

Reason 3:
You ought to teach the personnel to use it properly. The personnel will realize that this software can help the manager to monitor their activity, so there is no motive for them to learn it willingly. A lot of people is not used to study such things. They do not want to study it, because you won’t pay them for the time they expend on it.

Reason 4: You don’t see the people you are working with if you use employee scheduler software. Operating your personnel by yourself, not from distance, you would perform it better with assistance of your charismatic features. Automation leads to de-humanization of company. Workers are viewed as small parts of a bigger system. It may be nice for a traditional factory, but does not work for a today’s competitive corporation which needs every bit of creativity it is able to squeeze out of its employees.

Reason 5: You can’t be unrivalled utilizing it. You can’t get over your rivals until your software is better then their. Having got the same personnel as your competitors does not give you any competitive advantage. The main thing is the human resources. Even if you use the modern soft, it won’t assist you to involve the best experts to your company. You should be various, if you want to succeed. Having got human resource program is being like everyone else.

Living in the epoch of modern technologies it is hard to realize how can so primitive tools as pen and notepad substitute software products, but in some cases they can. Investing funds into personnel you will have the more significant feedback.

Source: Andly Blog 

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