Considering New Racks in the Warehouse or DC? Ask These Questions First

Industry expert provides 9 tips for success including, talk to your lift truck manufacturer, pull a permit, and check the fire code.



(Boonton, NJ, April 29, 2013) — If you’re adding new racks at your facility, you can avoid delays, headaches, and safety problems by following a few simple rules, says John Krummell, president of Advance Storage Products.

In the April issue of Distribution Center Management, Krummell notes that your overall goal is to create a rack set-up that lets you operate efficiently and safely.

How do you achieve that goal?

For starters, talk to the manufacturer of your lift trucks to make sure the racks you plan to install are compatible with your forklifts.

Want a recipe for instant frustration? Try planning to store a load at 22 feet, then learning that your lift truck goes to only 21 feet. It’s the sort of mistake that can lead to a costly and time-consuming change order to your rack installation.

Heights aren’t the only area for potential problems. Aisle widths are another area where you should seek advice from lift truck manufacturers.

“If they say you need an eight-foot aisle, probably go nine feet to give yourself some extra space,” Krummell says.

“When people try to make things too tight, they tend to damage the rack, and we’re back in there a year or two later to replace the rack.”

Seven additional tips for selecting and installing racks appear in the April issue ofDistribution Center Management.

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