Space-Saving Ideas For Storing & Handling Small Parts

By Troy Roberts

  1. To maximize space and protect parts from dust, dirt and theft, consider replacing shelving with drawer cabinets. On average, drawer cabinets store the equivalent of 5 to 7 shelving sections.
  2. For larger parts, shelf dividers may be more effective than bins and totes. More advantages: They’re economical and adjustable.
  3. In the floor space of only 32 square feet, vertical high-density storage systems hold the equivalent of 50 shelving sections. By using vertical space up to 40 feet, vertical systems pack more high density storage capacity per cubic foot than any other system.
  4. Regularly evaluate activity levels of your slowest moving inventory. Then, consider moving obsolete or slow-moving parts to an off site location to free up prime floor space.
  5. Most shelving can be extended higher by splicing more shelves to the top. Store slower moving items on top shelves…and provide access with the use of rolling ladders.
  6. Movable shelving systems can double the capacity of most shelving installations. Carriages move on floor tracks converting aisle space into storage space.
  7. Movable shelving is most efficient for medium to slow- moving parts because of the need to open aisles to gain parts access.

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