Vertical Storage & Retrieval Solutions Improve Ergonomics and Profitability

Organizations today, whether manufacturing, distribution, warehousing, medical, hospitals, institutions or pharmacies, spend a tremendous amount of resources in the recruiting and training of their employees. Yet, many processes and parts of their job are unnecessarily physically demanding and take its toll on the physical health of their employees.

By simply analyzing the processes, procedures and rigors required, many parts of their jobs can be simplified which benefits both the employee and the employer.

How does it benefit the employee?

  • Less injuries and more enjoyable work and home life
  • Able to work consistently without medical leave and loss of pay checks
  • Not having to do a young person’s job when they begin to gray and get older
  • Being able to stay with the same company and grow with them

How does this benefit the employer?

  • A reliable and stable work force
  • Less training requirements
  • Less recruiting requirements
  • Lower legal expenses
  • Being able to keep experienced employees working longer in years
  • Increasing customer satisfaction by having happy, experienced and committed employees

How simple Is this process?

No simple answer but, for most organizations, picking parts, items, inventory, tooling, material comprises a large part of a facility’s space, time and resources. Using vertical storage solutions such as vertical carousels, VLMs and Vertical Lift Modules provides all the benefits required to make good ergonomics and easy part access a sound investment.

Instead of having employees spend up to 78% of their day walking and searching and only 22% of their day actually picking, by using carousels and Vertical Lift Modules (VLMs) which bring the items to the operator at an ergonomic and accessible height, operators spend 78% of their time picking and 22% positioning. This helps eliminate walking, searching, bending, stretching and reaching activities which is are a large source of muscular skeleton disorders.

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