When Should You Expand, Renovate, or Refurbish your Facility?

The signs are right in front of you. How can you read them, and what do you do next?

Determining if your facility can sustain your current and future requirements

The basics are all about footprint size, but even that is complicated by methods that can dramatically shrink the amount of space it takes to execute certain processes. Can your current building sustain new electrical requirements? Is it up to spec architecturally? If you’ll need new employees will your infrastructure (break rooms, bathrooms, locker rooms, walkways) be adequate to support a significant expansion?

According to a “Converting Magazine” article, three factors are important for you to consider:

  • Overcrowding. When plant personnel constantly have to maneuver their way around each other in the course of their daily activities, this is the most obvious sign that you are due for a move or an expansion. Overcrowding may be causing you to spend extra time shifting equipment to handle incoming or outgoing materials. Also, it sends a negative message to your visiting customers as well.
  • Revenue loss. When a revenue dip is the result of your employees making do with, or working around, inefficient processes and thus squandering valuable production time, you know it’s time to take a good hard look at your current facility. Often common, manufacturers are more concerned with buying equipment that will theoretically enhance their productivity than with buying space – space which can also enhance productivity if it is parceled out properly.
  • Additional loads are a no-go. If the current structural and engineering systems are unable to handle any more, then your facility is constraining the growth of your business. In other words, you can no longer install machinery because your electrical system can’t handle it. Or, you can’t hire additional personnel because the present plan lacks employee facilities.



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