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ASRS Benefits

  • Labor Efficiency
  • Reduced Operating Costs
  • Reduction in the number of Fork Trucks
  • Improved ROI

4x Faster Than Manual

  • Traditional manual systems have limited throughput of approximately 10 load movements per hour. This is in stark contrast to the average of 40 load movements per hour averaged by our Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems (AS/RS). In addition to increasing throughput, you are able to decrease your costs for labor and increase the responsibilities and opportunities for your employees.
  • Shelfplus will help your company prepare for the future by giving you the tools and knowledge to save time and money through improved productivity and increased accuracy.
  • Let us show you how our low cost ASRS equipment can save space and reduce cost by using conventional beam pallet racks with aisles only 12″ wider than the pallet diagonal load. Most importantly, our fully automatic ASRS makes productivity available at an affordable return on investment.

High-Productivity Features

  • Non-proprietary components for ease of ownership
  • Laser positioning provides exact motion control
  • Infrared communications for improved reliability
  • Online diagnostics reduce troubleshooting time
  • Components accessible from the floor for ease of maintenance
  • Speeds to 900 FPM provide highest throughput in the industry
  • Domestically manufactured for superior support
  • Designed for replacement applications


  • Double deep & triple deep shuttles
  • Multiple shuttles
  • Larger drives for higher speeds
  • Custom load handling
  • Roll handling shuttles

Faster Throughput

A conservative estimate of 40 single load movements per hour per machine is easily attained (based on a 300 ft aisle). With a maximum of 700 FPM horizontal and 90 FPM vertical, our Automated Storage and Retrieval System (ASRS) can match the throughput of any existing AS-RS.

The speeds are precisely programmable along with acceleration/deceleration to meet each users individual AS/RS requirements. AS/RD are faster than traditional systems.

Typical manual fork truck systems usually can attain a throughput of only 10 single moves per hour when serving a rack storage system. That is significantly lower than our average of 40 moves per hour. With our ASRS installed, fork trucks, if used need only travel to the head of each aisle or in rack P&D locations to deposit or pick up pallets. There is no need for the manual fork truck to travel into the rack structure and carefully deposit or retrieve pallets on shelves that are often above eye level.

Multiple Configurations

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