Save Space with VLMs (Video) – How Vertical Lifts save floor space.

Before you decide to expand floorspace of your warehousing or manufacturing facility, consider adding one or more mezzanines. This economical storage solution puts wasted vertical air space to work for you without expensive structural changes in your building.

Mezzanines are perfect for additional production space, in-plant offices, storage, staging, walkways, work areas and much more. They create valuable new plant space quickly, with substantial savings over new construction options.


ShelfPlus experts will custom-design a mezzanine for your application that goes up quickly, and is built to last. Specially engineered steel components lock together for a strong, unitized structure. Heavy-duty columns provide rigid support, without space-wasting bracing. Available options include: Flooring, staircases, risers, treads, handrails, ladders and gates.

Remember, too, mezzanines don’t increase plant energy costs and can be easily moved or enlarged when business growth requires a modified facility layout.

For a custom mezzanine plan and comprehensive price quote that’ll provide a quick, economical answer to your facility space problems, call us Toll-Free 1-800-838-0473 or contact us via email TODAY.

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