Pallet Rack

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Selective Pallet Rack is the most popular pallet storage equipment in the world. That’s because the rack design allows instant forklift access to any pallet, making pallet loading and picking highly efficient.

Our rack beams are made from full welded structural tubing, increasing durability, structural integrity and ease of cleaning. Channel construction (with three rivets per connector) means lighter beams and greater strength. Compared to typical open-back, roll-formed rack, our super-strong, tubular construction delivers:

  • Four times the resistance to fork lift impact
  • 250% more frontal impact resistance
  • 68% more side impact resistance
  • 44 times more resistance to twisting

Our frames also feature industry-standard tapered keyhole connection slots so they connect seamlessly with a majority of rack systems in use today.

*Movable RackingSpecial Report describes how Movable Racking helps store more on less floor space.

We are a “Turn-Key” Provider

At ShelfPlus, we offer turn-key racking storage solutions. We join your team, starting with our No-Cost Needs Analysis and proceeding through installation. We have more than 30 years industry experience… very competitive prices… an impeccable record of customer satisfaction… and a proven process of project management with all kinds of racking systems, including:

  • Structural Pallet Racking
  • Push Back Racking (Last in, First Out)
  • Gravity Flow Racking (First In, First Out)
  • Drive-In / Drive-Thru Racking
  • High Density Racks
  • Tire Racking
  • T-bolt Pallet Racks
  • Teardrop-style Racking
  • Galvanized Racking
  • Rack Accessories…and more!

For a custom racking plan and comprehensive price quote, call us Toll-Free 1-800-838-0473 or contact us via email TODAY.

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