Tool Vending/Dispensing Systems

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On-site storage Solutions

CribMaster Benefits

  • Control Tooling Costs
  • Control Maintenance Costs
  • Control Labor
  • Control Inventory Levels
  • Control Spending
  • Control Purchasing Costs

Tool & Parts Crib Benefits

  • Establish Item limits for a Given Time Period
  • Track Transfers to and from Satellite Cribs
  • Reserve Items for Future Use
  • Speed the Receive Process of Items with Bar Coded PO’s
  • Effectively Schedule and Track Work Orders
  • Issue Work Order Parts with a Single Bar Code Scan
  • Track Required FOD Processes
  • Search by Item Attributes
  • Organize Storage Bins with Bar Codes
  • Eliminate Stock-Outs
  • Identify Serialized Items with Bar Codes
  • Easily Send Gages to Calibration
  • Easily Send Items to Re-work/Regrind
  • Greatly Reduce Item Search Times
  • Effectively Build Kits & Assemblies
  • Control Item Access by Class Codes

Purchasing Benefits

  • Automate the Replenishment of Inventory
  • Notify Suppliers of Needed Items
  • Keep Lower On-Hand Supply
  • Store Order Information to Fit Each Supplier
  • Effectively Purchase with Buyer Groups
  • Immediately Notify Suppliers of Critical Inventory
  • Reduce Labor by 8 hours per Employee Weekly
  • Easily Analyze Order Points for Each Item Location
  • Greatly Reduce Paper Work with E-mail or EDI
  • Reduce Order Processing Time
  • Store Multiple Price Breaks for Each Supplier

Management Benefits

  • Reduce On-Hand Inventory by Average of 30%
  • Save Average of 80% on Lost Items & Pilferage
  • Associate Item Usage with Up to 6 Cost Centers
  • Use Bar-Coding to Better Organize Storage Areas
  • Instantly Show Item Location to Eliminate Searching
  • Manage Inventory by Crib or by Entire Facility
  • Effectively Track Labor and Parts Used in Work Orders
  • Eliminate Surplus Inventory
  • Effectively Manage Consigned Inventory Contracts
  • Reduce labor and Effort for Physical Inventory
  • Effectively Manage Calibration Schedules
  • Manage Items Through the Re-work/Re-Grind
  • Effectively Track Serialized Items
  • Easily Analyze Supplier Performance

Cribmaster TOOLBOX

The CribMaster Toolbox is the latest innovation in secure point-of-use distribution. We’ve combined the world’s leading toolcrib automation software, CribMaster, with durable and reliable electronically controlled hardware. Affordable and secure point-of use distribution is now available for a wide variety of items.

The CribMaster TOOLBOX will allow you to:

  • Provide Secure Point-of-Use Distribution
  • Easily and Immediately Access Your Tools
  • Eliminate Overuse by Employee, Department, Machine, etc.
  • Make Decisions with Accurate, Up-to-Date Information
  • Automate Your Replenishment

The CribMaster TOOLBOX brings many functions and features to your shop floor, including:

  • Handling Integrated Supply
  • Bar Code Scanners
  • Touch Screen Interface
  • Handling Consignment/Non-Consignment
  • Tracking Usage History
  • Flexible Security/Product Access Control

TOOLBOX Specifications:

  • 6 or 7 Shelves
  • 5 to 40 Items per Bin
  • Bin Can Be 2.5″ or 5″ Wide

Cribmaster TOOLCUBE

Like all of the CribMaster point-of-use distribution devices, control, security and ease of access to your tools and supplies are the benefits you see most. With the ToolCube, we’ve combined this security, control and ease of distribution into a unique modular tool storage system that controls access to drawers and individual storage spaces. Operation is simple! The employee scans his/her badge and selects the item. CribMaster then provides access to only the approved quantity of the exact item requested. ToolCube compartments can contain unique items or kits of items and each master ToolCube is network ready and has all the features of CribMaster including reports, purchasing and gauge management.

The CribMaster TOOLCUBE will allow you to:

  • Securely Store and Distribute Items
  • Open Drawers to Specified Locations
  • Handle Heavy Items
  • Vend Items without Dropping
  • Configure Drawers and Add Drawer Sections as Needed

The CribMaster TOOLCUBE brings many functions and features to your shop floor, including:

  • Bar Code Scanners
  • Touch Screen Interface
  • Handling Consignment/Non-Consignment
  • Tracking Usage History
  • Flexible Security/Product Access Control
  • Multiple Individual Drawer Sizes and Configurations


CribMaster in Aerospace
CribMaster’s experience with the management of tools, MRO and other indirect material in the aerospace industry is second to none.2003 Boeing Supplier of the Year – CribMaster is installed at over 200 Boeing tool cribs and store rooms.
CribMaster in Automotive
Automation plays an important role in the assembly line production of automobiles. Think about what can happen if the same level of process automation impacts your indirect material supply chain and work flow.
CribMaster in Food Manufacturing
High levels of compliance and control are important aspects when manufacturing food. FDA regulations affect your operation and you need to feel confident that you have taken all the necessary steps to ensure you comply.
CribMaster in Precision Machining
If you are in precision machining, it means that you cut a great deal of metal. This also means you probably have a high cost of expendable tooling, MRO and other indirect material.

Other CribMaster Products

The CribMaster Multi-Store point of-use cabinet storage system combines a proven electronically controlled glass door locking cabinet with CribMaster Software to enable controlled distribution of inventory
Pro-Stock 650
Take the ease and security of carousel dispensing and add flexible carousel sizes, simple on-site re-configurability and high capacity in a very small footprint, and you have the CribMaster Pro-Stock 560. Reduce hoarding, stock-outs, overstock situations and travel time to the tool crib.
CompuCRIB MRO Management System
With CompuCRIB, your employees don’t wait for crib personnel to locate and retrieve parts they need. Instead, they gain instant access to needed parts through password security, and are back on the job – with the parts they need in seconds.
RFID Accu-Port
The Accu-PortTM uses RFID technology to take control of indirect materials to an entirely new automated level. Centrally locate selfissue store rooms or tool cribs and completely automate the distribution and vending of tools, MRO and other indirect material.

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