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Industrial Parts Storage

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Tire Carousel

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Heavy Roll Goods

From our wide range of options, we can create a system that fits your exact application without investing in more speed or payload capacity than you actually need. Shelfplus has several pre-owned Vertical Carousels and are being sold on a first come first served basis. To inquire about Pre-Owned Carousels For Sale – Click Here.

Vertical Carousel Benefits

  • Space Savings
  • Controlling/Managing of Inventory
  • Modularity
  • Labor Savings
  • Ergonomic Benefits

Increased Productivity for Fast Payback

  • Store More in Less Space – By utilizing vertical space up to 40 feet,the ShelfPlus Vertical Lift storage system packs more high density storage capacity per cubic foot than other type of system on the market. Store up to 40 sections of shelving in each Vertical Lift Module.
  • Higher Throughput – Increase throughput by up to 250%. Multiple Vertical Lifts offer pick rates of up to 120 line items per hour versus 25-40 line items per hour for static shelving. A single worker can be as productive as three workers picking from static shelving. Software automatically queues orders, batches picks, and retrieves the items for picking, dramatically reducing idle time for operators
  • Ergonomics – By presenting the items to the operator at a comfortable counter height, all climbing, reaching, and bending necessary to pick from multiple levels is eliminated, increasing worker safety, productivity, and satisfaction.
  • Security and Control – Vertical Lifts offer a level of security that’s simply not possible with other types of storage systems. Unlike aisles of unprotected open bins, a Vertical Lift can be locked down completely. From simple lockable doors to advanced access systems such as badge scanners, RFID, biometric systems and video monitoring, there is a security system to meet even the most stringent requirements.
  • Increased Accuracy – Picking accuracy is improved up to 99+% by using our paperless picking systems with bar code item verification. Items are brought to the picker at an ergonomic level with proper lighting to improve visibility and correctness of item picking.

Vertical Carousel Types

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