Carpet/Vinyl Carousel

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  • Space Savings
  • Controlling/Managing of Inventory
  • Modularity
  • Labor Savings
  • Ergonomic Benefits

Increased Productivity for Fast Payback

  • NEW SLIM DESIGN for maximum storage and display efficiency.
  • Floor Space Savings –Store more in less space by using vertical ceiling height instead of valuable floor space.
  • Higher Throughput – A single worker can be as productive as three workers picking from static shelving
  • Ergonomics – By presenting the items to the operator at a comfortable counter height, all climbing, reaching, and bending necessary to pick from multiple levels is eliminated, increasing worker safety, productivity, and satisfaction.
  • Security and Control – Vertical Carousels offer a level of security that’s simply not possible with other types of storage systems. Unlike aisles of unprotected open bins, a Vertical Carousel can be locked down completely. From simple lockable doors to advanced access systems such as badge scanners, RFID, biometric systems and video monitoring, there is a security system to meet even the most stringent requirements.
  • Increased Accuracy – Picking accuracy is improved up to 99+% byusing our paperless picking systems with bar code item verification. Items are brought to the picker at an ergonomic level with proper lighting to improve visibility and correctness of item picking.
  • Modular Design – Vertical Carousels are designed to be flexible and modular so the system can change as you change


  • Multiple Styles/Sizes Carousels are available in many sizes and styles to suit a wide variety of applications.
  • Dolly Loading – Material can be dispensed directly to cutting tables. Loading dolly available to transport material to and from carousel.
  • Hinge Arm Loading – Patented Hinge Arm loading system provides ease of loading by just one person. Optional dual controls llow backside loading of Carousel.
  • Wire Dolly – The wire loading dolly allows one person to load and unload heavy reels. The dolly provides for easy movement of goods to and from the machine.
  • Single or Multi-Tower & Overhead Configuration.
  • Standard height range of 10 feet to 24 feet.
  • Available for rolls up to 36″ in diameter and lengths up to 15 feet.
  • Available in Heavy Duty version (up to 3000 lbs. per roll).
  • ShelfPlus offers design and engineering services for special applications.
  • Cut & Roll – Power bi-directional fixed blade cutter; Power variable speed belted roll-up cradle; Power feed roller; State-of-the-art electronic counter; stretch wrapper attachment; simple one person operation.

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  • Factory Installation and Delivery on our own trucks anywhere in North America
  • Full 1-Year Warranty on all parts and workmanship
  • Annual Maintenance and Preventative Maintenance contracts available
      (Other configurations are available)

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